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Florida Alimony - Temporary Relief

In Florida, alimony is based on “need” and “ability”. The type of Florida alimony is based on the unique set of circumstances of each case.

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Stepparent’s Interference with Custodial Relationship with Other Parent

If a parent (“A”) and his/ her spouse (the stepparent) knowingly alienate a Child against the other parent

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If a parent is relocating more than 50 miles from his/ her current residence, then that parent may petition the Court to relocate for the purposes of developing a long distance parenting plan. This also applies to the parent who does not have seek to relocate with the Child(ren).

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Florida Divorce – Alimony

In a Florida Divorce proceeding, one’s entitlement to alimony is based on his/ her “need” and the other spouse’s “ability” to contribute to the support of the spouse in need. In order to determine a spouse’s need for alimony, Florida Divorce law requires that we consider income or earning potential of both spouses.

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