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Family Law Attorney in St. Petersburg, Florida

If you are going through a Florida Divorce or Family Law matter, you are probably asking yourself “what if this” and “what if that”.  A divorce or family law matter can cause a great deal of uncertainty, which may cause you to be anxious or even depressed.  When you choose to work with my Firm, Garth R. Goodman, P.A., I can help remove some of the stress surrounding your divorce or family law matter so that you can begin to move forward with the next chapter of your life.   As your divorce or family law attorney, I will personally get to know you and your goals.  I will develop with you a sound legal approach for you to achieve your goals.  As such, I prioritize open and honest communication  to ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed.  With 30 years of litigation experience in child custody and high asset divorce cases, I have advocated for countless clients find solutions.   If you are searching for an experienced, aggressive divorce or family law attorney, reach out to my Firm to schedule a consultation. 

Legal Representation for St. Petersburg, FL, Family Law Cases

Garth R. Goodman, PA, has extensive experience with a wide range of family law cases, from complex and multifaceted divorces to high-value property division and contested custody disputes. If you are facing any type of family law case in the St. Petersburg area, Attorney Goodman and his team can assist you in navigating your case proceedings with confidence and peace of mind.

Benefits of Working With a St. Petersburg Family Law Attorney

While your family law case may seem straightforward, the reality is that any such case can pose tough questions the average person cannot answer on their own. The right attorney is a tremendous asset in any St. Petersburg family law case, providing their client with valuable insights and compassionate guidance during what is sure to be an emotionally challenging experience. Whether you’re facing a divorce or bracing for a custody determination, your attorney can help you gather whatever materials you require for your case, provide an understandable explanation of the proceedings you’re about to experience, and help you determine your most realistic goals for the outcome of the case.

Attorney Goodman takes time to learn each client’s unique story and answer their legal questions. Many family law cases touch on complex statutes, and the St. Petersburg, FL, family court imposes strict procedural requirements on most cases. Instead of attempting to manage your everyday responsibilities and your household while meeting your legal obligations, have an experienced St. Petersburg family law attorney handle your case on your behalf. Your attorney can help you meet all applicable court filing deadlines, gather the documentation and other materials you will need as your case unfolds, and help you prepare for each stage of your proceedings.

Working with an experienced St. Petersburg family law attorney offers the best chance of securing a positive outcome for your case. You will have readily accessible legal counsel when you need it most, answers to your legal questions, and compassionate guidance through every stage of your case when you choose Attorney Goodman to represent you.

For Compassionate Support

Types of Family Law Cases Handled in St. Petersburg

If you need the assistance of an experienced St. Petersburg family law attorney, it’s crucial to choose one with a strong record of past cases similar to yours. Attorney Garth R. Goodman, PA, offers family law representation for a wide range of cases:

  • Divorce: Ending a marriage in Florida is more complex than many people expect. As your divorce lawyer, Attorney Goodman can help you determine whether alternative dispute resolution is possible in your situation and help you address the unique aspects of your divorce case.

  • Child custody: Parents cannot privately negotiate child custody. However, the St. Petersburg, FL, family court is legally obligated to preserve the best interests of any child the court’s ruling affects. Whether your custody dispute is a standalone family court issue or part of a broader divorce case, Attorney Goodman can help you make a compelling case for the custody rights you want to secure.

  • Modification and enforcement: Family law is unique because it allows any party subject to a family court order to request reasonable changes to the order without a complex appeals process. As a result, the modification system is ideal for addressing life events that materially influence standing family court orders, such as job loss, medical emergencies, and serious violations of family court orders. It’s also possible to petition the court to enforce a family court order when a former spouse or other party has refused to meet their obligations.

  • Alimony. Florida’s equitable distribution law for divorce aims for the fairest possible division of marital assets. However, some divorcing spouses’ unique financial situations require ongoing spousal support, so the lower-earning spouse can maintain a similar lifestyle to what they had while married. Attorney Goodman can help you secure the fairest possible alimony determination in your case, whether you expect to pay or receive it.

It’s vital to find family law counsel experienced in handling the type of case in front of you. Family law case rulings often impact peoples’ lives for many years to come, and reliable legal counsel is an invaluable lifeline in these situations. Many of these cases are multifaceted issues that require thoughtful consideration from an experienced family law attorney. Whatever your unique family law matter involves, Attorney Goodman can offer personalized legal counsel throughout all stages of the case.

What to Expect From Your St. Petersburg Family Law Attorney

If you are bracing for any type of family law case in St. Petersburg, FL, it’s essential to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The right lawyer will assist you in meeting any court filing deadlines that apply to your case and help you prepare for the next stages of your proceedings.

Depending on the nature of your family law case, you could have the opportunity to settle some aspects of it without protracted litigation. A good attorney can help their client explore all potential avenues of alternative dispute resolution and/or private settlement. When a case must go before a family court judge, a St. Petersburg family law attorney helps clients approach court proceedings with peace of mind.

It’s vital to secure legal counsel as soon as possible when you are facing any kind of family court matter. To discuss your impending case with a St. Petersburg, FL, family law attorney, contact Garth R. Goodman, PA, today and schedule a case review. An experienced family lawyer will help you understand your legal options and provide a detailed estimate of what you can expect as your case unfolds.