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Divorce Law Attorney in St. Petersburg, Florida

I am a sole practitioner with over 25 years of Florida Divorce Law and Family Law experience. I will work closely with you, the Client, during this difficult time in your life. This requires experience with and knowledge of both Florida Divorce procedure and also Florida Divorce case law.

I come from a divorced family. I remember all too well the arguing between my parents. I remember moving from the only home I had ever known upon my parents' separation. These were very difficult times for my family. I understand what you may be experiencing, and I am here to assist. I will zealously advocate for you and your children.

A Florida Divorce law proceeding can be divided into 4 phases. The first phase is the pleading phase. Although you may obtain forms online or from the Clerk of Court, the forms require an understanding and appreciation of Florida Divorce Law. The lawyer's job is to educate his Client regarding Florida Divorce statutes and case law. In this regard, you, the Client, can have a more constructive understanding of how the law reads from start to finish. Schedule a meeting at his St. Petersburg, FL office today.

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Create a Plan for PEACE

Florida divorce law follows the acronym "PEACE," representing the various areas of divorce law. These areas are:

  • Parenting plan

  • Equitable distribution

  • Alimony

  • Child Support

  • Everything else

Attorney Fees

Once the Florida Divorce court has considered equitable (or unequal distribution) and spousal and child support, it may then consider an award of attorney fees from one spouse to another. Like alimony, attorney fees are based on need and ability. The Florida Divorce court may look at all financial resources, including non-marital assets, to determine one's need for an award of attorney fees.

If an award of "temporary" attorney fees was awarded during the Proceeding, the Court, at final hearing, will allocate the temporary award either to the paying spouse out of his/ her income and/or share of the marital assets; or will allocate some or all of the "temporary" award to the person who received same (out of his/ her share of the assets).

A Florida Divorce court may enforce its order awarding either temporary or permanent attorney fees via its contempt powers so as to compel compliance.

Garth R Goodman can help you with the legal paperwork related to every aspect of divorce. Bring your legal needs to attorney Goodman so your family can move on with life.